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Financial Aid will be used first TO PAY TUITION and HOUSING over personal payments.

Credits caused by the bankcard payments will be credited back to the original card up to the amount of the bankcard payment(s).

All refunds will be processed according to the manner received, which means:

  • All bankcard payments, including company bankcard payments, processed within the last six months, will take priority to be refunded back to the card, prior to the processing of Direct Deposits.
  • 529 payments, e-check payments, and financial aid received, not required to pay tuition, will be processed by direct deposit, if available, otherwise a paper check will be mailed to the address on file with the registrar.
  • Direct Deposit will credit the account within 2-3 days of processing, which is considerably faster than having a check mailed.

No refunds are processed on withdrawn classes. Students may submit a Tuition Appeal, for consideration of an exception to policy, for a refund on current term course(s).

Set up Direct Deposit (PDF) link.

How to set up direct deposit:

  • Please Login to CIS
  • Click on the Student Homepage
  • Click on Tuition and Loans - You will see a list of item types under the Tuition and Loans to set up or make a change to your direct deposit click on Direct Deposit Authorization.
  • After reading the information then click I accept this agreement. This will bring you to the page to set up the direct deposit.
  • You will need to fill out the information requested.  If you click on “Example Check” This is what you will see.
  • Under Routing Number if you click on “Search for routing number” You will see this.
  • This will give you a drop down of banks once you click on your bank the routing number will populate.  After you have everything filled out make sure you click the save button, you will need to review the information you entered and then click confirm.
  • If you have not accepted your offers yet and have not set up for direct deposit there is a part of the award letter that will ask if you would like to sign up for direct deposit.
  • If you would like to set up direct deposit if this does come up click YES This will bring you to the Direct deposit page

Note: If you change banks or you change account numbers you need to update the information in order for your direct deposit to go to the correct place. (Please see How to Change your Direct Deposit)

Note: If you get an email asking to provide your bank account information do not respond with your information, if you question the email please give the Income Accounting and Student Loan office a call (801) 581-7344 or you may come in to the office Room 155 Student Services building.

Another way:  You may have the option to sign up for direct deposit (if you have not already) on you Financial Aid Award Letter.
Under your CIS you will want to click on Financial Aid tile.