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The University of Utah offers a 10-month past due payment plan option, through their third-party partner Nelnet, for prior term Tuition and Housing charges, which will prevent the account from going to collections, while continuing to pay the outstanding balance due.

Accounts previously converted to collections are not eligible for a past due payment plan.

Enrollment must be completed online through CIS and will not remove balance due holds that prevent registration, transcripts, and/or diploma.

Students/Authorized Payers may sign up for a past due payment plan using either a debit/credit card, or a checking/savings account. Monthly payments will automatically be withdrawn on either the 5th or 20th of each month, which the enrollee must choose. If the selected day falls on a holiday or weekend, the funds will be withdrawn on the following business day.

Important Information
  • There is a $50.00 enrollment fee in addition to the first monthly payment due upon enrollment
    • The down payment and enrollment fee must be paid or the plan will not be activated.
  • Minimum plan amount is $500.00 with a monthly payment of $50.00
  • Maximum monthly payment is 10% of the balance due
  • If payment is not completed in the 10-month term. The student/payer may enroll in another 10-month plan for an additional $50.00 enrollment fee.
  • If your scheduled payment fails, Nelnet will charge a $30.00 failed payment fee and retry the payment automatically on the 20th, for the failed scheduled payments on the 5th. For the scheduled payments that fail on the 20th, they will be retried on the 5th of the following month.

If payments are missed, returned, or the plan is cancelled by the student/payee, the balance due may be converted to collections without further notice; incurring a one-time cost of collection equal to 22% of the balance at that time, and activating a lien on the student’s Utah State Tax Refund.