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If, because of extenuating or other acceptable circumstances, the student has withdrawn from the course(s) after the published deadlines. The student must complete and submit the Tuition Appeal Form, a brief personal statement, and supporting documentation for consideration to receive a tuition and/or fee adjustment.

A Tuition Appeal is required for an exception to University Policy for Tuition and Fee adjustments only. Tuition Appeals do not cover Housing charges and/or Insurance charges. Nor do they apply to balances caused as a result of refunds previously processed (ie-reversal of financial aid)


  • Student must be withdrawn, with the Registrar, from all course(s) for which they are submitting the Tuition Appeal. Appeals for courses not withdrawn, will not be considered, and will be denied.
  • No refunds will be issued on appeals outside of the current term. Current term ends the last day of finals.
  • Only 2 tuition appeals will be accepted within a 5-year period.
  • Appeals will not be considered on outstanding balances older than 3 years.

Please be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties when applicable. Please pay tuition and fees when due. Collection fees are not appealable charges.

Helpful information in regard to other departments policies:

  • If seeking a retroactive withdrawal to submit a Tuition Appeal. Please visit the Registrar’s Office for petition forms.
  • If you are attempting to appeal your financial aid, waiver or scholarship. Please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship’s Office. The appeal forms are found under maintaining aid.
  • If you are attempting to cancel or appeal Housing and Residential Education (HRE) charges, you will need to contact HRE.


Acceptable Supporting Documentation:

The burden of proof rests with the student to submit documentation of circumstances that prevented the student from adhering to the U of U policies and procedures.  All statements in the appeal must be concise and accurately documented.  This documentation may include, but is not limited to the following:

Tuition Appeal Instructions:

  • Students must be withdrawn from the class(es) they wish to appeal.
  • Please write a clear explanation of the reason for the requested exception, and include a list of the class(es), with credit hours, that you wish to appeal.
  • Complete all requested information on the Exception to University Policy-Tuition Appeal form.
  • Provide all the documentation needed to support all claims on the appeal.
  • Incomplete appeals, appeals without a signature and appeals lacking supporting documentation will not be considered and will be denied.

Once completed, submit the appeal form and all documents to:

MAIL:  University of Utah
Income Accounting Office
201 S 1460 E Rm. 165
Salt Lake City UT 84112

FAX:     801-581-4277


IN PERSON:  Student Services Building (Bldg.40) Rm. 155 (cashiers window)

The review process may take 6 to 8 weeks. Students will be notified of the group’s decision by mail to the mailing address provided on the appeal form.